Prometheus was most likely colossus because both of his parents were massive in size.  He looks like a middle aged man with a beard.  He rarely follows directions and disobeys Zeus which is very bold of him.  Prometheus frequently tricked people to get what he wanted.  He had a devious mind but didn’t use it very cautiously. 


Prometheus’ mother was the Nymph Asia.  Her power was also to see the future, just like her son.  Iapetus was Prometheus’ father.  He was a Titan. Prometheus’ brother was Epimetheus and he had the power of hindsight.  With this he could interpret the past.  Prometheus also has a son named Deucalion.


The most famous myth that Prometheus is associated with is the time he created humans.  He used elements of the world to create them.  He knew, by his power of forethought, that if he created humans Zeus would punish him.  Nonetheless, Prometheus used his powers, and created humans anyway.  As he saw, Zeus severely disciplined him for what he did.  Prometheus’ punishment consisted of being imprisoned in the Caucasus Mountains.  Every day an eagle would come to him and eat his liver which caused excruciating pain.  This was Zeus’ revenge on Prometheus for the poor decisions that he made.

Interesting Facts:Edit

-          Prometheus sided with Zeus in the battle between the Olympians and the Titans so he wouldn’t be punished by the Titans.

-          After Prometheus created humans Zeus mistreated the humans.  In return Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to the humans which made Zeus even angrier.

-          Prometheus saved the humans from being extinct by cautioning his son about a flood that was coming.

-          In 2012 a movie based on Prometheus was released.  It is a science fiction filmed and Prometheus 2 is coming into theaters in 2015.

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